Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Discomfort Food: How to Calm Carb Cravings

By Jennifer Sygo
Edmonton Journal

If you woke up this morning to another grey, blustery pre-winter day and thought to yourself, "Why get out of bed?" then you’re not alone. While the bright lights of the holidays can bring cheer, at least for a while, the bleak days of January are not far off, and with them comes the desire to hibernate until the days are longer and spring flowers have broken through the frozen ground.

With the winter blahs also comes the desire for comfort foods, rich in carbs and fat, which can seemingly pick us up when we’re in the doldrums. The pile of mashed potatoes that seemed only mildly appealing in the heat of July suddenly feels like just the ticket on a day when it’s dark by mid-afternoon. Are we just weak, or is there something more to it?